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What are "THINK BLOCKS" ?

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  • What are "THINK BLOCKS" ?

    I have received several requests to explain my concept that I call "Think Blocks".

    Working as a software engineer, I find that about 50% of my time is spent trying to understand "business requirements".

    I have used a variety of tools to help with this process... including drawing on a whiteboard, shared desktop screen sessions, paper, flowcharts, and lots of verbal talking.

    One evening, while watching a older movie about WW2, I noticed the use of a large flat board and little pieces that represent troops, ships, tanks, and battles.

    I then thought of the concept "THINK BLOCKS".

    As a kid growing up, I always liked to play with small blocks of wood. And, later, I moved up to Tinkertoys, Erector Sets and Legos.

    So, I wanted THINK BLOCKS to be just as fun and easy to use ... but targeted toward helping to define complex problems in terms of business objects, data and process.

    I am working on my first release of THINK BLOCKS which I will explain further in this forum.