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The HorseRace.Tips Portal - Google will not allow Adwords

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  • The HorseRace.Tips Portal - Google will not allow Adwords

    After we developed the HorseRace.Tips web portal, we were ready to promote the site through Google Adwords.
    We planned to "target" Las Vegas users where betting on horses is legal.

    However, to our surprise, Google Adwords rejected our request and said we must have a Gambling License before they could run Ads on our site.

    I explained to Google Adwords that we are not taking bets and are not involved with gambling.

    However, they took a strong position that a site that promotes gambling is the same as a gambling site that takes bets - and would require a gambling license.

    This is a valuable lesson to learn ... Google Adwords will not simply promote any web site. They select sites that are non-controversial.

    HorseRace.Tips remains a great idea that we can not promote through Google Adwords.

    Live and learn.