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  • The United States ASL Organization

    The new US ASL ORG has formed with the goal of providing free ASL services for the Deaf in America.


    The Mission of the US American Sign Language Organization (USASL.ORG) is to raise awareness, funding and support for Deaf Americans who need assistance with ASL interpreters.

    We will raise $1,000,000 and use the funds to pay for quality ASL interpreters to aid Deaf Americans who need ASL services.

    Rockwell Butler, President and Treasurer
    Woodley Butler, VP Marketing, Communications

    We will start in two cities:
    North Las Vegas, Nevada
    North Atlanta, Georgia

    Come join our mission.



    "It's the sign of the times"


    Only 350 professional ASL interpreters available for hire in USA

    Estimate AVG is 2 SESSIONS per DAY (2 hours = 1 session).

    ASL Interpreter has Morning Session .. (2 hours)
    and then.. Afternoon Session (2 hours)

    That is AVG 700 ASL SESSIONS PER DAY (350 x 2 sessions = 700 sessions / day)

    5 days a week (must have on Sat and Sunday .. but AVG normal is 5 sessions per week .. some overlap different days)

    4 weeks per month

    20 days per month x 700 sessions per day

    700 x 20 = 14,000 ASL sessions PER MONTH (2 per day for each ASL Interpreter)

    3,500 Deaf People

    14,000 / 3,500 Deaf People = 4 ASL Interperter SESSIONS per MONTH (1 SESSION PER WEEK).

    14,000 sessions x $300 per session = $4,200,000 PER MONTH for cost

    x 12

    $50,000,000 ($50M PER YEAR for ASL interpreter services for 3,500 DEAF (avg 1 session per WEEK)

    10% OVERHEAD to run USASL Managment (staff, expenses, promotions, conferences, training ASL, administration, technology)

    $5,000,000 PER YEAR for USASL Admin and Overhead

    $45,000,000 per year to PAY to ASL Interpreters to support 3,500 Deaf Americans with 1 ASL interpreter session PER WEEK (AVG) each member.


    Here's a LINK to an excellent web site that teaches ASL:

    And, here's the ASL alphabet:

    Click image for larger version

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