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Introduction to CONTENT.RENTALS concept

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  • Introduction to CONTENT.RENTALS concept

    They say “Content is King”.

    When it comes to Internet Web sites, visitors “stick” and “return” to web pages that have fresh and interesting content. Sections, headlines, blog posts, articles, graphics, and interactive widgets. Fresh, new and current content.

    Where do Web Stewards find fresh content? And, how do they edit their web sites to keep the content “fresh” on their pages?

    Currently it is a very manual process. Until Now… with Content Rentals and Web Services (

    Several other larger Internet companies already have automated “widget” tools. Amazon has a widget tool to present dynamic products for sale with a search engine tool bar. Google has widgets for Charting, Searching, Analytics and more.

    Content.Rentals will offer a small “snap-in” JavaScript Widget that can be used by Web Masters and Stewards anywhere in the world to help web pages show fresh new content on a variety topics, languages and formats. Web Masters subscribe to fresh content, select a frequency for updates, and pay only for “hits” and content that is presented to their active site visitors.

    Would you be interested in a small Javascript widget to place into your Web Pages that would automatically produce fresh content on any subject that you select?