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    Live real-time CHAT with APL programmer experts to help answer questions and grow new programmers.

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    The concept is simple. People helping people.... in real-time.

    To be more specific:

    APL programmer "guru" pros join a network and choose when they are "available" to help "newbees" learn the powerful APL programming language.

    APL "newbees" can chat live into APLCHAT.COM and the back-end membership system will "route" the chat message to the next available (online) APL pro.

    When people are learning something new ... and especially something as complex as computer programming ... it really helps to have a "mentor" to call upon with a question or problem.

    Many years ago, when the APL language was first promoted by the IBM special projects division, several of us were lucky enough to be "at the right place at the right time". In those early days of large "mainframe" centralized computer systems, everyone worked together in a physical office or laboratory.

    We all were programming different applications, and each of us "learning" about the APL programming language (at our own pace).

    However, everyone was a unified "team". A Team of "APL advocates" who were leading the way to what would soon become "computer science".

    Anytime any of us had a programming question or problem, we could "quickly" ask for help from one of the other APLers in the room. This is the purpose of APLCHAT.COM. An online tool connecting APLers together so they can help each other in "real time".

    More to come !