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Concept for Solar-Thermal Power Generator

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  • Concept for Solar-Thermal Power Generator

    Sunlight is reflected by the mirror to a focal point that produces 1000 degrees F of heat on the Steam Chamber.

    The water injector squirts mist that converts into steam 1700 times the volume which generates 200 PSI within the high pressure hoses and Steam Pressure Tank A.

    The steam pressure displaces the water in tank A and routes it through a small water turbine pump that spins a Generator, makes electricity and charges the Battery. The expelled water is stored in Reservoir Tank B.

    An electronic control system monitors sensors, controls servos and manages valves to keep the water levels flowing between the two Steam Pressure Tanks.

    The system is self-contained, quiet and low maintenance.

    Water is recycled and reused without the need for refilling as the process repeats.

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    As a follow-on design, with the use of a fresnel lense, the heat can be focused into the central of a tube. This makes it easier to manufacture the system.

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