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What is BOT.MEDIA ?

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  • What is BOT.MEDIA ?

    BOT.MEDIA is a very interesting project.

    The basic idea is to allow BOTS (AI systems) to present a variety of Media content channels such as news, weather, education, entertainment, research, and other interesting information.

    The content is provided by a back-end Artificial Intelligence (AI) delivery engine and Database.

    The BOTS can be cartoons, avatars, or realistic images who present the information over the Web.

    This is almost like an automated TV channel run by BOTS.

    I have experimented with a variety of automated BOT images, and have made some progress.

    However, it is difficult to project "human" images as the BOT characters.

    I have found it to be much easier to both produce and for consumers to accept a CARTOON BOT image (such as South Park).

    BOTS could also produce content by processing words (sentences) through a sentence re-write program.

    And, BOTS could produce music as well as ART.

    What are your thoughts about a 100% automated media service?
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    Attached is a high level conceptual diagram explaining how BOT.MEDIA will work:

    Click image for larger version

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      We started BOT.MEDIA with a prototype layout using animated "speaking Bots" from a 3rd party service.
      This seemed to work well ... but the quality of the human-like avatar "bot" was not good enough.

      The bot had a small change in facial expressions while speaking along with blinking eye lids and lips that were 70% in sync with the spoken word.

      On the positive side, the BOT services used an API that allowed live TEXT to be sent to the BOT API service, and the voice and animation streamed back within seconds.

      This was a good "prototype" but was not at the level of quality that we were looking for.

      Click image for larger version

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